The industry uses the fastbox concept increasingly. It was also one of SOLAR’s many industrial customers that ordered Fastbox no.25.000.

It was a welcome surprise for CEO Søren Jensen, at Holtec Automatic A/S, when he found out, that his company just had ordered Fastbox no.25.000.

Jesper V. Jensen, Salesmanager for Industry South at SOLAR Denmark, got the pleasure of presenting the Fastbox and an iPad to the lucky winner.

The country-wide Fastbox concept, is increasingly used by the industrial customers of SOLAR. They are typically ordered in case of the emergency need for specific products, often because of breakdowns on service jobs.

  • Our Employees deliver solutions, everything from assembly and programming of automation for a specific solution, or to data collection on a solution. if we face an emergency, fx. if a breakdown on a machine occurs. Ordering parts via a Fastbox saves us a lot of time, by ordrering via mobile or iPad, and get it delivered on the specified address a short time after, Søren Jensen explains.

Take a look at this clip on Fastbox no.25.000 and Holtec Automatic.