IceTech A/S

Automatisering af danskproducerede maskiner til produktion af tøris Verdens bedste maskiner til produktion og forædling af tørisprodukter på basis af flydende CO2 fremstilles i Danmark af IceTech A/S. De automatiske styringer til maskinerne er udviklet af Holtec Automatic A/S baseret på udstyr og komponenter fra Beckhoff Automation. IceTech A/S med hovedsæde i Bramming er i


Kiermar Technology A/S

Advanced control of new press The company KIERMAR Technology A/S develops advanced hydraulic presses for a variety of purposes – the manufacture of stainless steel sinks, coolers, containers, wheelbarrows, machine components, etc. KIERMAR’s newly developed Advanced Deep Drawing Press represents ground-breaking innovation in many areas, and the company chose Holtec Automatic as the supplier of



Controls for Ground-Breaking Biogas Concept Holtec Automatic A/S has developed, manufactured and supplied hardware and software for the demonstration plant of Combigas in Hemmet, Denmark. The new biogas plant is among Denmark’s most advanced, and Holtec Automatic has supplied the whole control section. The development has been carried out in close and efficient cooperation with