In 2014 is Holtec Automatic A/S certified in the quality system ISO 9001:2015, with HSE foundations in NORSOK S-006.

QHSE Policy and Principles

1. QHSE Policy
Holtec’s employees are committed to provide the best overall automation solution to the industry in Denmark, Europe and other international regions. Our products and services are developed to meet customer and regulatory requirements, to provide the best value to customers and to assure process efficiency and to minimize the impact to the environment. We strive to work in close partnership with
our customers to deliver comprehensive solutions from concept, to consultancy and development, implementation, on­going support and knowledge sharing. Holtec’s team continuously improves processes, products and services resulting in increased value to all
our stakeholders; customers, employees and our communities. Holtec’s team is dedicated to achieve business goals by living Holtec’s values of: Respect, Honesty, Preparation, Support and Due diligence regarding Details.

2. Our principles
To gain customer satisfaction results, from a motivated workforce, innovative products, and operational excellence.
To improve and develop the company, according to customer, and marked needs and requirements.
Not to harm the environment or living beings health, at present or in the future.
We look at our employees as whole persons, harmonizing family life and work life.
Being close to our customers, through satellite departments worldwide.

3. Our Values
Holtec weighs 5 values high and it is our ambition that these values are reflected in what we do, both in relation to our customers, to our partners in the broad sense, to our employees and to the world around us. None of the values are more important than others, they play together and are all prerequisites for each other.

RESPECT – We respect our customers and their needs; we respect each other not because of the title and power, but because we are all individuals with unique qualities and capabilities; we respect the talent; we talk to and about each other with respect; we respect the applicable laws and regulations; and we respect and comply with agreements made in small and large.

HONESTY – Holtec is to trust in all relationships, as individuals and as a company; we inform honestly and completely about our products and services; we keep our promises, internally and externally, and should circumstances make that we cannot keep this agreement, we will give immediate message to our contractual partner; we are honest and sincere in our feedback to each other and our communication in

PREPARATION – We are always updated on what’s happening in the market and in our industry; we strive each to be updated professionally and personally; we are prepared to receive the new learning; and we are always ready to adapt to changes in markets and structures; we know that the only unchanging is that changes constantly occur.

SUPPORT – We help each other; we help the customer to understand the real needs; we help each other by making ambitious but not unrealistic agreements; we help each other to deliver what has been agreed.

Holtec Automatic quality management system

Holtec Automatic A / S quality management system is compliant to ISO 9001: 2015. The quality management is expanded with the HSE foundation of NORSOK S-006. It is with this company’s intention to ensure compliance with customer requirements, government requirements and own requirements.

Holtec’s quality management system takes place through constant evaluation of inputs and results, as well as the improvement and development of the company’s processes. The quality management system is monitored, managed and improved by the CEO with active participation from members of the QHSE Group and employees.

Employees in Holtec Automatic A / S can always apply the guidelines and documents in the system’s associated quality manual, which is an online business portal.

  • Holtec Automatic A / S is pre-qualified in Achilles JQS and Sellihca, as subcontractor to the oil / gas sector, as well as the wind sector in Norway and Denmark.
  • Holtec Automatic A / S is UL certified to deliver UL approved panels to the US and Canadian markets.
  • Holtec Automatic A / S has its own Installation Authorization. This in order to deliver total solutions from the supply to the board, to the last sensor on the plant.